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Students from Illinois Wesleyan University earn research award

Seniors, Raymond Bolton (’18) and Zoe Bouras (’18) are this years Phi Beta Kappa Liberal Arts Scholar Award for Illinois Wesleyan University.  

Bolton’s submission titled "The Value of Green Certification on Single-Family Houses in the Chicagoland Area," studied the association between green certifications and the price of premium homes. His research discusses how residential buildings alone account for 33% of  energy consumption.  This fact raises concerns about environmental impacts due to continual consumption.  In response home builders are developing more efficient homes and providing a green certification for houses attesting to a buildings efficiency in regards to site design, energy or water consumption. 

Bouras’ essay, " Why the Right: Analyzing Vote Choice in Rural America," paired national level survey data from the 2016 American National Election Study with a series of local interviews conducted in the rural village of Arthur, Illinois.  The goal was to get an understanding of voter patterns and political motivation of America’s poor, rural white communities. 

Applicants must submit a senior level research paper involving a work of art, composition, film, collection of poetry or experience-based research. The award-winning project is published in CrissCross, the IWU chapter’s online journal of undergraduate interdisciplinary work. 


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