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Take a trip to Fondulac Farm Park

So many animals, so little time. 

The Fondulac Farm Park in East Peoria is breaking in their new summer hours. 

Here at the Fondulac Farm Park, it’s an animal lovers heaven. 

"Oh, this is great! There is a lot for the kids to see and a lot of things for the kids to do. Parents love it because it’s not a lot of walking," said Sandy Ascherl, a staff member for the park. 

Goat, bunnies, and ducks, oh my!

Just walking through these doors takes you back to a classic, 1900’s farm. 

"It’s a working farm because people are here working on things all the time. We’re painting, or scraping, or mulching, or weeding, or something all the time," Ascherl added. 

But this isn’t your average petting zoo. 

"We tell them how to feed the animals. They can milk a cow. They can go down the slide through the silo. We have a couple of play areas. They just have a really good time," said Ascherl. 

The Fondulac Farm Park is now open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

They are also open on Memorial Day. 

Kids 16-years-old or younger are $2.50. 

Adults are $3. 


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